Leftist lunatics dropping the phrase “climate change”… “climate crisis” to be the new phrase to terrorize everyone with a shameless, contrived HOAX

Before there was “global warming,” there was “global cooling.”

A renowned Time magazine article from the mid-1970s claimed that the earth was rapidly cooling and for the same reasons — human-caused technology and activity. What’s more, the next “Ice Age” was just around the corner, and a large portion of the world’s population would starve to death because of dramatically shortened growing seasons. (See a portion of the article at the Free Republic and the actual link to a snippet of the original article on Time’s website here).

Well, that turned out to be false. So the climate hucksters had to come up with something else to scare the bejesus out of all of us so we’d just turn over all authority — and all our money — to the ‘powers that be.’ 

The world isn’t cooling, the change went, it is warming, and so much so that we’ve only got a few years to live. Or something like that. 

But after years of trying and failing to sell the “global warming” hoax, the Left-wing science propagandists came up with a new phrase — “climate change” — because, after all, who could argue the fact that, throughout history, the earth’s climate has…changed? 

Now that phrase has also failed to sufficiently convince the bulk of the world’s people to surrender their liberty and their property and their money to the globalists. So it’s time to change it again — to “climate crisis.” Or “environmental collapse.” (Related: NASA declares carbon dioxide is GREENING the Earth… reveals how Green New Deal is a DEATH cult that would collapse global ecology.)

Oh, nooooo! We’re doomed!

As Breitbart News reports: 

Since the expressions “global warming” and “climate change” do not frighten people enough, activists are proposing a shift in language to “climate crisis” or “environmental collapse,” with the help of advertising consultants.

Neuroscience research suggests that “global warming” and “climate change” do not produce a powerful enough reaction in people, whereas “climate crisis” got “a 60 percent greater emotional response from listeners” according to a recent study.

The climate alarmists will never quit until they have all the power and all your money

According to recent stats, intense lobbying (as well as polluting the nation’s public education system with nonsensical climate hysteria) has yielded a 15-point increase in the percentage of Americans who now believe that cattle farts, SUVs, and all modern technology is destroying our planet. But that’s not good enough; for there to be mass surrendering of liberty and money, a more significant portion of the population must be duped, er…. convinced.

And this is where SPARK Neuro comes into play; so desperate for complete control over lives are the global warming hoaxers that they’ve turned to an actual advertising agency for assistance. 

The company specializes in physiological data like measuring brain activity and sweaty palms in order to develop new and inventive ways to propagandize the masses.

Spencer Gerrol, the company CEO, gave two possible reasons why previous iterations of doom — global warming and climate change — did not convince enough people to agree to begin living in the 18th century again is that both are neutral phrases; there isn’t anything “inherently negative or positive” about the words. 

And, of course, people have gotten used to the phrases as well, so they tune them out (because none of the previous ‘sky is falling’ predictions have materialized). 

So, the objective, Gerrol says, is to find phrases that will spur people to action without pushing them over the edge, psychologically.

“A successful candidate’s aim is to broaden the conversation around an issue with words that spark interest on both ends of the political spectrum… while avoiding overstating the problem,” a SPARK Neuro study found.

Someone should tell Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (and her sycophantic supporters) about the proper global warming/climate change/climate crisis/environmental collapse wording strategy and how not to scare people half to death: She became the latest alarmist to claim that we only have 12 years left to live.

Here’s a rational view of ‘climate’ from PragerU:

Read more about this hoax at ClimateAlarmism.news and Propaganda.news.

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